Conversion Week: Your Stuff!

The people have spoken, and they love conversions. Thanks for all the nice comments on our stuff last week. If I’ve missed answering you I beg your forgiveness – I’m not being arrogant, just confused and.

Before things go back to normal, I thought I’d post some links to neat conversions I’ve found during the week. Here goes!

Digital Wastrel
has lots of really cool Dark Eldar models, including plastic Incubi and budget Blasters.

Dave G has been building a “Postapocalyptibuggy” for the last month. Check out his first post about it and read on from there.

Dark Future Games featured an entire army of Krieg Orks.

The Master of the Forge has greenstuffed himself a humongous Abaddon. This one really blew me away.

James has a bunch of ideas for a kitbashed Eldar army.

Last but not least, Santa Cruz Warhammer had conversions as the Honor Roll theme the Friday before we started our Conversion Week here.


Conversion Week: Obliterators

If you play Chaos, you need Obliterators. Since the stock models are hideous, you need to build your own. I went down a slightly less daemonic path than usual for mine. The idea of fallen Techmarines intrigued me, and the concept grew over the course of a couple of months while I shopped around on Ebay for the pieces.

And here’s number two. There’s quite a bit of greenstuff under the paint – but most of it is used as adhesive. It carries the weight of the metal servo-arms better than super glue, and also bulks out the arms under the terminator shoulder pads. 

Conversion Week: Kaldor Draigo

There, now all of us Tentaklers have uploaded a terminator for Conversion Week. My Kaldor Draigo is a regular plastic GK with the shield from Forgeworld’s Hector Rex. So simple. Since Draigo is the only GK with a storm shield there will never be any doubt who he is on the table.

Conversion Week: Red Corsair Sorcerer

Here’s one of my absolute favourite miniatures. It all began with that staff-top from the High Elf mage kit. I knew I wanted it for some type of chaos sorcerer, so I bits ordered it. Then I managed to get hold of the power axe arm from a Legion of the Damned sergeant – and everything fell into place. The angle of the arm was just perfect.

The rest is just a mix of Blood Angel and Chaos bits, with the addition of a High Elf mage base. In real life he looks very tall, almost regal, when stood next to regular marines.

Conversion Week: Dark Eldar Archons

When the Succubus came out, I knew I wanted it. However, the eventual Dark Eldar army I’ve got planned has no room for a Succubus. Who can resist the draw of a Husk Blade, a Soul Trap and a Webway portal? So an Archon it is.

To create the new pose, I pinned the sword arm at an angle, and sculpted a new armpit. A head-swap later and she’s done.

Of course I wasn’t about to waste the perfectly good Archon body I’d pilfered the arms from. In a flash of inspiration he got a Hellion weapon and head (with the hair filed off) and a small plume from a High Elf. Hey presto – instant Duke Sliscus. His eyepatch was inspired by an old John Blanche illustration in the 2:nd edition Eldar Codex. Perfect pirate look.

Conversion Week: Savage Orc Shaman

I celebrated the release of the new Savage orcs by starting to paint this old dude. A metal shaman with the old Wurrzag’s head. Certainly not a very original premise. The composition, however, becomes stellar with the addition of a High Elf’s levitating rocks. Combined with the spear, he gets a triangular shape which makes him look incredibly unbalanced. Totally appropriate for a mad orc.

Conversion Week: Thousand Sons

I’m cheating a bit here – this is no real conversion, more of a kitbash. I’ve been wanting to add a squad of Thousand Sons to my Chaos marines for a while, but I couldn’t work out a good counts-as solution. The Grey Knights fixed it for me.

This lad is a regular “rubric” marine, built from a Dark Angel veteran’s body, Forge World mk III arms, Grey Knight helmet and backpack (with the teleporter antennas cut off), and Chaos bolter and shoulder pads.

Some more views. The Interceptor backpack works really well here – the little teleporter unit looks like some sort warp-energy-focus-thingamajig. The last picture is of another model, where you can see how I’ve scraped off the Dark Angel insignia on the chest. I’ve got a squad of seven lined up, just need to bits-order the heads and backpacks …

Small tip:
I find that a bit of greenstuff is better than superglue when attaching resin/metal arms and shoulder pads to plastic torsos.