Martin bought a box of GW trees yesterday. The foliage sprues had an … uncommon characteristic. The rubber-y material has the same colour as the regular plastic, so I didn’t notice anything until I picked up a sprue, and it started flopping around like a dead fish.


Khorne Lord

This photo was taken at 5.30 in the morning, with an Iphone. I finished this lad for the local GW’s Finecast painting competition this Saturday. He didn’t place – the competition was staggering! Still, I’m very happy with how he turned out and wanted to share it with you. May be one of my best paintjobs ever.

The hidden Chaotic Contemptor

Forgeworld previewed their pre-heresy dreadnought variant last Friday. Naturally, I had to order one for my Blood Angels Dreadmob (click here to do the same). Besides being a beautiful update of the old Epic dreadnought model, it borrows its name from one of the very first dreadnought variants. Aah, nostalgia, you are sweet and poisonous.

Hidden in plain sight in FW’s rule PDF is also this gem. I highlighted the mind-blowing sentence in question. What book might this be? Might it coincide with the release of the rumoured Codex: Chaos Legions?

Might it be the best thing ever? Only time will tell.

Wraithlord-Chronos conversion

Title says it all really. I wanted my Chronos to look a bit different from the Taloses – so I based it on a Wraithlord. At this stage the only major changes are to the arms. I also swapped the feet for ones from a War Walker to get a slightly more evil hoofed look. The base comes from Voodooworx

Here are a couple of close-ups of the arm join. Just a bit of filing, and the fit between the Wraithlord and Talos arms was perfect. Filling it will be trivial, since the cowling covers up the majority of the join. Now he needs a few spikes on the head and shoulder guards, to echo the forearms.

The back had a Craftworld Eldar rune that I filed down and covered with a caltrop bit from the Reavers. As you can see, I’ve also shaved off quite a few of the gemstones all over the legs and body.

He’s certainly playable by now, but I want to add some more details. Not quite sure what – do you lads and lasses have any suggestions?