Flying Polyp as a Daemon Prince

Today I have something a bit more slimy than usual. This flying polyp (from RAFMs Call of Cthulhu line) will stand in for a Nurgle daemon prince. I kitbashed him with insect legs and spikes from the plastic chaos spawn kit.

The paint job is very a quick gaming standard type of thing. Commando Khaki as a base, washed with Thraka Green and Gryphonne Sepia all over. The shadows were deepened with Hybrid Purple and Vallejo Turqouise, and some red buboes were added. Highlights were just drybrushed on with Dwarf Flesh, Rotting Flesh and Bleached Bone.


Scorpio pattern Defiler – done!

It’s been a long journey, with lots of putty procrastination. But now he’s finally finished.

The energy cannon on the tail came from a real flash of inspiration. I had some ironclad dreadnought arms that I didn’t need – but I no real “barrel” for it. Enter the new Sanguinary guard backpacks. One exhaust later, and voila!

The big question now is: Do I make another one?

WIP Space Dwarf Rune Priest

Jonathan has converted up some dwarf terminators. This Njal Stormcaller stand-in is the first miniature he’s ever painted! There’re some details left, but he wants me to blog it anyway. Give him a round of applause, everyone.

Book review: Hobby Games, The 100 Best

You should read this book. You owe it to yourself. 100 people who make their living creating a variety of gaming products, each of them writing about their favourite game of all time.

I’ll give you a taste of the names that are in there.
A foreword by Reiner Knizia. Richard Garfield on Dungeons and Dragons. Gav Thorpe on Hammer of the Scots. Jack Emmert on Warhammer 40,000. Gary Gygax on Metamorphosis Alpha.

I only have two caveats. Let’s get them out of the way.
Depending on the writer, the prose does get a bit dry and/or flowery at times. And of course, every essay is a shameless celebration of the game in question.

The writers, however, are sufficiently different in style from the next, so nothing feels repeated. And the games covered span a variety of genres – you’re certain to find anecdotes about something you’ve played and loved in the past. I, for one, have fond memories of Brittania, which I have played exactly twice. That was fifteen years ago, but now I’m longing to pick up the new edition and get a game together.

Nostalgia, however, is a powerful and dangerous vice. And this tome – clocking in at some 400 pages – is sure to introduce you to some new games as well. The editor, James Lowder, has done a great job at showing the depth and breadth of the creativity inherent to our hobby (he’s also responsible for a brand new companion piece about family games).

The book fits perfect as a piecemeal read. Since the essays are short (three or four pages, at most) you can read them whenever you have a little time, on the way to work, before falling asleep, while waiting for the ink wash to dry.

Hobby Games, The 100 Best was published by Green Ronin in 2007, and can be bought from their webstore. A European alternative is Leisure Games, where I got my copy. I bet Amazon has it too.
As a bonus teaser, check out Matt Tarbit’s visual companion, with all the games’ covers.

What has more melta guns than you can shake a stick at?

My first Chosen squad – Mandragora of the 1st company. They were built with what I had laying around. I tipped over the cornucopia that is my bitz box, and voila! They’re tied together by Sanguinary Guard shoulder pads and chainmail tabards (except the running trooper – I couldn’t get the tabard to fit with his legs).

But isn’t there something fishy about them?

Yep. Their weapons are magnetised. I haven’t actually made anything other than melta guns yet, but I have five flamers lined up for the same treatment.

Since the Sol Invictus’ 1st company are recon specialists (more details here) I used techy heads with lots of bionic bitz. To the left here is a converted Nurgle head, for example. The three eyes give the guy a sweet Sam Fisher look – perfect for an infiltrating bad-ass. Their elite-ness is represented by the Sanguinary Guard shoulders.

Go ahead, punk. Make my day.

And now – math!

You blink, and two weeks pass by, unnoticed.
My girlfriend and I have been busying ourselves moving in together, mounting shelves and coathangers. However, being a handy man cuts down on the time for 40k. So here’s something different – an actual army list!

(175 pts) Daemon Prince – Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime
(155 pts) Daemon Prince – Mark of Slaanesh, Wings, Lash of Submission

(285 pts) 10 Berserkers – Skull Champion with Power Fist, Rhino with Extra Armour
(250 pts) 10 Berserkers – Skull Champion with Power Fist (They go in the Land Raider)
(260 pts) 10 Chaos Marines – 2x Melta Gun, Champion with Power Fist, Rhino with Extra Armour
(260 pts) 10 Chaos Marines – 2x Melta Gun, Champion with Power Fist, Rhino with Extra Armour

(225 pts) 3 Obliterators
(235 pts) Land Raider – Extra Armour
(155 pts) Defiler – Twin Heavy Bolter, Havoc Launcher

Pretty standard stuff for a 2000 point list. I’m thinking about switching one of the tactical squads for a squad of Chosen with melta guns instead (and a Rhino, of course). I’d like to have some more Havoc launchers on the vehicles as well. What do you say?