Space Hulk: the Beginning

This is what I’ve been doing lately. Finally got around to prepping and priming the Space Hulk models. I love these – so much, in fact, that I’ve got four more glued together to make three full terminator squads. Two tactical and one assault should make for a neat 40k army, with the addition of some scout squads. Then I only have to wait for the Stormraven to be released …

Here’s the flamer marine before priming. The base is just textured plasticard and paper cut from a glossy magazine. Cheap and effective.

Close up of my favourite. There’s a great amount of attitude in this sculpt. (As for paint, it’s just two coats of Blood Red so far.)

Here’s a little teaser for what’s up next for my chaos marines. What can it be?


Sanguinor Daemon Prince

Took me long enough to finish this guy! I’m very happy with how he came out – not quite as clean as I was aiming for, but still very nice. I’ll leave him headless for now, I think it makes him look suitably creepy.

The metal armour is based with a mix of Dark Flesh and Vallejo Bronze. This was then shaded with various brown and purple inks. Using a flat colour mixed with metal is a good way to keep the shadows non-reflective. Highlights are just Vallejo Bronze and Gold, with a bit of metal medium mixed in for the brightest spots. I can’t recommend this enough – much better than mixing gold and silver!

Two questions for you.
A) Should I add text to the scrolls?
B) Is he too small to be a daemon prince on the table?

Space Dwarf Thunderwolf

Jonathan has been at it again! This brilliant dwarf thunderwolf conversion took him just two sittings to make. I like the idea of making thunderwolves from juggernauts – so much better than Canis and his chipmunk …

It’s hard to make out in these pictures, but Jonathan repositioned the stunty legs so that the rider is leaning to his right, in the same direction that the wolf is looking. Menacing!

In other news, I’ve been unemployed for a week now (entirely planned). This means that 40k spending will go down, but 40k time will go up!