How to become a Chaos Cultist

Fantasy Flight Games just released a new 40k RPG, Black Crusade. While I’m note much of a role-player, it got me thinking about Chaos and all the variant armies it had in Rogue Trader. How do you accurately represent an army that has approximately a gazillion different unit types? I mean, traitor guardsmen, cultists, beastmen, renegade marines, and daemons. That’s just scratching the surface. And then it hit me. Grey Knights.

Not the Knights themselves, mind. Start with Torquemada Coteaz. Call him a Chaos Magus. Suddenly a whole new world of crazy troop choices are unlocked. An Inquisitorial henchmen band can be used to represent just about anything. There are the basic humans (Acolytes), two different types of psyker (Mystics and, well, Psykers), and heavy weapon troopers (Servitors). You can have any number of fanatic cultists and mutants (Archo-flagellants, Banishers, Crusaders and Assassins). To top it off, you even have a fallen Adeptus Mechanicus look-alike (Jokaero). And of course, Daemonhosts. Go with another Inquisitor for your second HQ. Give him a daemon weapon. Call it a day. If you crave even more, you can always count a Daemon Prince (or just about any chaotic monster) as a Dreadknight, and renegade Marines as Grey Knights.

There you have it. An old-school Chaos army from a new-school codex. I don’t have the time for a project like this at the moment, so I’m giving this idea to you, the community. What are you waiting for? Go forth to kill!



I’ve been assembling and priming the Dreadfleet ships this week. The rules seem fun and random, and the models are nifty and


It’s not that they’re especially bad. It’s just that there are about a kilometer of them, and the masts and sails and bits are small and fiddly. I kid you not, I could use the scraped-off material and build a squad of Space Marines.

Now I’m done with all the ships and islands. And I realize that all the gaming aids need to be scraped as well.

At least I’ve got Jonathan’s son to entertain me. I’m prepping him for Golden Demon 2032.

A bright beacon

The discourse (oh, how I loathe that word) on 40k and Warhammer has become mind-bogglingly stupid over the years. It’s all competitive this and spam this unit that and I’m-a-casual-gamer-it’s-the-way-it’s-meant-to-be.

Then James S comes along and explains it all. He’s a soothing academic voice in the festering cesspit of the Internet. A true hero in these dark days.

Welcome back

It’s been awfully quiet  here. It’s because I was in a team, making a thing. If you have an Ipad and are interested in journalism, by all means go check it out. It’s in Swedish so I won’t guarantee you’ll actually understand anything in it.

So. Gaming.

There’s been
a Games Day, and I’ve been glued to various Twitter and Flickr feeds, checking it out. Rumour has it that Roger won a bronze for his Flash Git squad. GW doesn’t have official pics of the winners yet, but Martin’s Imperial Fist (that didn’t place) can be seen in their Single Minis gallery. I take credit for that – i pinned the little blighter’s legs in place.

I haven’t had
much time for hobbying, what with the magazine editing and all, but I have been digging out all my unwanted stuff from the basement. Thats two large BFG fleets, as well as a smattering of Sisters of Battle, plastic Chaos Marines, Confrontation goblins, and more. All headed for Ebay …

My man-cave

I’ve mentioned that we moved to a new apartment. Beforehand, me and my girlfriend made an agreement. One of the rooms would house a guest bed – and all my hobby stuff. After a few trips to Ikea it’s starting to shape up really well. The table can be extended to house a Realm of Battle board (glimpsed to the right of the sofa/bed), and since it had been used for display it was cheap and already slightly scuffed. Perfect for mucking about with tools on.

Aah, the childhood memories … That copy of Warhammer Quest is incredibly well-used.

The bookshelf houses Blood Angels, Chaos Marines and Dark Eldar, as well as rulebooks, dice, board games and plenty of Magic cards. At the bottom you can see the tool-and-paint-and-bitz-box cabinet.

This room is a dream come true. There are some storage issues to work out, but nothing that can’t be overcome. Me and the mates are busy making terrain to fill up the table a few times over (Roger has an awesome bit here (in Swedish)). Then the battles will commence.

Contemptor Dreadnought with Blood Talons

Here’s my lovely Contemptor from Forgeworld. It really is a great kit. Every joint is posable, so you could have an entire army of these things and have each one look different. Given the news that Forgeworld is going to release more Contemptors there’s a real possibility I’ll do just that.

Since I’m going to field this lad as a Furioso I wanted blood talons on him. As it turns out, the regular talons are a good fit with minimal adjustment. In the top left picture here, you can see a stage by stage on how I trimmed them, in case you want to try it out.

The final touch was to add a few bits here and there. Other than some filling on the base, he’s ready for a lick of paint.