About Tentakel Games

Tentakel – Swedish for tentacle

Ten•ta•cle [ten-tuh-kuhl] Noun – A narrow, flexible, unjointed part extending from the body of certain animals, such as an octopus, jellyfish, or sea anemone. Tentacles are used for feeling, grasping, or moving. From French tenir and Latin tendere.

Contemporary pop culture is filled with tentacles. In H P Lovecraft’s stories they symbolise the utterly inhuman, the most alien of lifeforms. This symbolism resonated throughout the 20:th century, until now, when the suckered feeler can be seen everywhere – from super hero comics to modern art to gaming. The forces of Chaos in Warhammer have sported them for decades. They in turn inherited them from Michael Moorcock’s multiverse. In Privateer Press’ Monsterpocalypse, the Lords of Cthul go straight to the lovecraftian source.

Here at Tentakel we aim to get our probing tendrils dirty with the hobby of gaming. To feel, grasp and move our way through the dark-sea-abyss of the Internet. To bring you the best.

The writer

David Stillberg lives in Stockholm, Sweden, where he works as a sub-editor at a large newspaper. He’s been playing hobby games since 1991, when he bought a Heroquest box and some enamel paints on his eleventh birthday. Since then, he’s played just about everything Games Workshop has published – and then some! On forums and blogs, David likes to use the handle “Eversor” when he can. You can contact him by e-mail on david.stillberg[at]gmail.com.


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