This is not a problem that suddenly arose when Kingdom Death came along, but it’s a problem that they turned to 11 with the ridiculously sexualized “pinup” minis they included in their Kickstarter solely to entice people to spend more money. The pinup options have absolutely no other purpose. It’s the lowest common denominator of advertising and while it worked, their success doesn’t make it any less objectifying.

Go read this. If you still think pinup mini’s are OK, fine. But at least I tried.


Quantum Gothic makes a range of resin terrain that I’ve had my eyes on for a long time. With defense lines and bunkers being a big thing in 40k 6, I caved in and bought some of their armoured walls, a wee bunker, and a missile launcher. The casting is really good. I’ve seen some evidence of torn molds here and there, but nothing a file didn’t fix.

The last picture shows the same length of wall as GW:s defense line kit contains – 28 inches. Quite a lot. The bunker is way too small to be a bastion. I still like it, and don’t regret buying it. I intend to use it and the walls as normal scenery as well. 

Just one warning.
To get rid of the mold-release, I used the same procedure I do with Forgeworld kits: soak for two hours in degreasing detergent and then scrub with a toothbrush. That wasn’t enough here. I had to redo it and still had primer peel off in some spots. Quantum Gothic seems to use particularly nasty mold-release, so beware.

Other than that, I can heartily recommend them!

Here’s another golden-oldie-vacation-repost. Since I first posted this guy, he won second place in GW Stockholm’s painting competition The Fang in 2011.

This orc is proof that models don’t need to be “dynamic” to be good. The grounded pose makes him more powerful than if he were screaming his lungs out.

The skin is based with Camo Green, and shaded with various amounts of Devlan Mud, Camo Green and Scorched Brown. Highlighs are Camo Green and an old favourite of mine – the now OOP Bilious Green. I then finished off the skin with Bleached Bone and some glazes of purple ink.

The red bits look really striking, but were deceptively simple to paint. Just Scab Red, Devlan Mud and Blood Red, with some yellow mixed in for the dragon scales on his loincloth.