Squats, Sanguinor the Fallen, and the coolest Defiler ever

The results of last night’s hobby session! I busied myself with updating three dreadnoughts with frontplates from venerable dreads. My friend Jonathan built some dwarfs/squats for a Kill Team, using Space Wolf bits.

And here’s the beginnings of a scorpionoid defiler. The design isn’t mine, I found it on a forum a couple of years back. The second picture shows the waist coupling. It’s a metal washer on the leg chassi and a magnet with a plastic nub on the pirahna body. Besides allowing the upper body to swivel, the whole thing will be much easier to transport.

I’m going to magnetize the tail as well. I only need to build some form of energy weapon to stand in for a battle cannon. It makes no sense to mount something firing shells all the way up there …

Closeup of two of the dreadnoughts. For some reason, I didn’t shoot the third one.

Jonathan’s dwarfs! He refuses to call them squats … They’re escaped slave miners, genetically modified by a Dark Eldar cabal.

Here’s one before the beard treatment. Looks cool, no?

And finally, the painting of the Sanguinor-daemon continues. Still not decided on what to use for a head. Any suggestions?


The White Dwarf in Space

Taking the iconic figure of Grombrindal and putting him in a space suit is pure genius. Kudos to the sculptor, whoever he is.

I chose a simple colour scheme, using mostly Citadel foundation paints (Solar Orange and Gretchin Green are my friends). This gives a slightly muted and natural appearance that I like. The copper is Dark Flesh and Vallejo Model Bronze – a beautiful mix. All the gunmetal areas are pinwashed with cyan – the sheen contrasts well with the orange space suit.

The pictures reveal a few rough spots that aren’t really visible to the naked eye. I’ll have to go over some of them with Badab Black to hide them!

Grand Inquisitor Illith Merihem

Hidden in the Maelstrom, a philosopher broods. Once, she was the inquisitor Elith Merihem. She led pogroms against the unfaithful and investigated daemon-cults in the bowels of hive cities. Her word carried the weight of the Emperor. She led armies of Adeptus Astartes in battle, and condemned worlds to the fire of exterminatus.

As she grew older and wiser, the metaphysics of the Warp intrigued her. Developing a Xanthist world-view, Merihem concluded that chaos in itself wasn’t evil. Daemons could be enslaved, or even bartered with, all for the good of Mankind. Such research could of course not go unnoticed forever. Eventually her own order let loose the proverbial hounds. Merihem took refuge with Yawgdiel Kagat, chapter master of the Sol Invictus, who shared her convictions. For all their might, the Sol Invictus were powerless against inquisitorial persecution, and fled into the Maelstrom.

Now Ilith Merihem is known as the immortal Grand Inquisitor. Yawgdiel Kagat and the Sol Invictus have forged an empire for her, bringing the light of liberation and reason to nearly a hundred worlds, governed by that age-old adage: ”Do what thou wilt.”

She is a bloated and toad-like figure, spiritual leader of a revolutionary movement, teaching that individuals are free to choose for themselves. No gods can govern over Mankind – not even the gods of chaos. They and their servants should be neither reviled nor revered. To the illuminated, they are just alien entities whose powers can be carefully used. Ultimately, her goal is to resurrect the Emperor as a fifth great chaos power, and in doing so, topple the immoral dictatorship of the Imperium.

There, a bit more background for the Sol Invictus. To be ret-conned as needed!

I cut the Sanguinor’s head off …

… and replaced it with an insect leg. Take that, Blood Angel lovers!

His pose is flawless as a daemon-prince-host. I just cut off the hands, head and jump pack and rummaged through the bitz box for replacements. The insect-spawn leg is just a proxy – I’ll probably have a tentacle or two snaking out instead.

I ordered some Sanguinary Guard bits (from Bitz Box – excellent supplier). Among other things there’s an open, empty hand. Perfect for the Librarian pictured here. I twisted the arm slightly, so that the position of the elbow looks natural.

And here’s Saint Celestine with plastic wings. I did a test run with the Sanguinor’s wings, but the composition with these is much bettter.

All in all, a productive night! What do you think?