First impressions of Finecast

In a wonder of worldwide logistics, Games Workshop released their resin range this Saturday. Getting copies of 100+ kits to the retailers can’t be easy. And it shows. Quality control certainly isn’t what I expect from GW. I actually saw a Urien Rakarth that had a “spider’s web” of flash all over the sprue.

That said I’m impressed with the material itself. I bought this Khorne champion, and while there were some warped/bubbled areas that required greenstuffing and other attention, the flash and mould lines were a breeze to get rid of. The light grey colour is also very pleasant, and makes detail instantly visible.

Here are four
great Finecast reviews I found yesterday:
Steve Buddle thinks it’s the future.
Dante is impressed.
William Davies will sell all his metal models.
Maz at Winterdyne is underwhelmed.


Stylish, schmylish!

There’s one of those chain letter thingamagooglies going ‘round. This one ain’t trying to steal your hard earned cash and/or models, though. The Stylish Blogger Award has been doing the rounds in the 40k community, and I’ve been nominated by no less than three people: Warpaintguy, James S and Skarvald the Troll-Faced! The love heaped on me and my fellow Tentakel members is humbling. Thanks a lot, lads – and thanks a lot to all the readers as well. The nomination calls for a little quid pro quo: seven facts about me, and at least ten further nominations. First, the facts!

  1. I’ve played 40k since the dawn of 2:nd edition (Christmas 1993). Still haven’t painted a complete army.
  2. The name of the blog is quite old. I doodled the logo some ten years ago, while listening to a boring lecture at university. My first idea was to start a company called Tentacl Productions (yes, with the silly web 2.0 last-wovel-truncation). When I decided to set up a wargaming blog the name felt like a natural fit. I went with the Swedish spelling, which I hope feels a bit exotic to anglo-saxon readers.
  3. I’ve always wanted to be a games designer. The business for it here in Scandinavia is too small, sadly enough. And I’m not sure I’m smart enough.
  4. Even though I work at a Swedish newspaper, 80 percent of what I read in a given day is in English. I surf a lot.
  5. All three of the Tentakel writers are journalists. Jonathan and I studied together, and found a mutual love of fantastic literature (there’s a heartwarming story about me making him “come out of the closet” as a fantasy/sci-fi reader). A couple of years later I managed to drag him into the GW hobby as well. Martin and I met at work just over a year ago. In the time since he’s been a good friend and a terrific inspiration to my painting. We still work in the same office building (but at different companies), so we can meet for lunch and geekery.
  6. I’m balancing on the thin line between miniatures collector and hoarder. Seriously, I’ve got boxes stuffed with old minis I’m never going to use.
  7. My guiltiest pleasure is reading Elfquest. I love the storytelling in the early books, as well as Wendy Pini’s artwork. Elfquest introduced me to fantasy at the tender age of seven (there were Swedish translations available in the mid eighties), and that’s where my kitschy love of elves started.

I follow a veritable hogs load of blogs, but here are the eleven I give the Stylish Award to! They all pass the *glee*-test – every time I see a post from these in my Google reader, I get a warm feeling inside even before reading it. All of the authors are excellent writers/painters/innovators.

Dropship Studio – Carl Woodrow has been posting pure gold since before blogs took over the world.

Warpsignal – Did you think Australians were all a bunch of neo-hippie surfers? James proves you wrong – he’s always intelligent, eloquent and interesting.

Eye of Error – I’ve found few chaotic blogs worth reading. Lucky no 5 here is one of the best. His models have a strong and vibrant style, almost glowing.

Winterdyne – An awesome commission painter, that I know horridly little about.

Faeit 212 – Natfka’s blog has displaced all other rumour sites I used to visit. Nuff said.

Lair of the Breviks – Andy Walker’s style reminds me of the golden oldies of the ‘Eavy Metal team, but more refined and modern. Browsing his blog is like reading a White Dwarf from the early nineties filtered through the present day.

Spyglass Asylum – Golden Daemon winner Steve Buddle offers perspectives on sculpting and painting. Check out his Spyglass brand of miniatures, which relaunched today!

Daughter of the Emperor – As the title reveals, you’ll find tons of Sororitas here. The Daughter has a bright and personal style, that I’d love to be able to emulate.

GMM Studios – I interviewed Brandon Palmer last year, when he won Best Army at Adepticon. He’s since started up a blog that you need to look at.

Stahly’s Paintstation – German blogger Stahly paints some of the most stunning Skaven I’ve ever seen. And his Eldar aren’t exactly shameful either.

Ninjabread – There are webcomics, and there are webcomics. Curis writes and draws the best GW satire on the Interweb. And paints like a god, too

What draws you to the hobby?

I’m trying to write something intelligent about the “three pillars” of wargaming. I got stuck while filling in the segments of each pillar, as you can see in the diagram above. What I want to do is  build a model of what attracts us to each of the three parts of our hobby.

Now I’m reaching out to you, our readers and fellow hobbyists! What is it that’s important to you? What would you like to see as part of the pillars? Help me out here and I’ll give you credit – and I promise it’ll be a good read 🙂

(Note that there can be an arbitrary number of segments – you’re not limited to the four I’ve used in the example above.)