Conversion Week: Dark Eldar Archons

When the Succubus came out, I knew I wanted it. However, the eventual Dark Eldar army I’ve got planned has no room for a Succubus. Who can resist the draw of a Husk Blade, a Soul Trap and a Webway portal? So an Archon it is.

To create the new pose, I pinned the sword arm at an angle, and sculpted a new armpit. A head-swap later and she’s done.

Of course I wasn’t about to waste the perfectly good Archon body I’d pilfered the arms from. In a flash of inspiration he got a Hellion weapon and head (with the hair filed off) and a small plume from a High Elf. Hey presto – instant Duke Sliscus. His eyepatch was inspired by an old John Blanche illustration in the 2:nd edition Eldar Codex. Perfect pirate look.


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