Conversion Week: Your Stuff!

The people have spoken, and they love conversions. Thanks for all the nice comments on our stuff last week. If I’ve missed answering you I beg your forgiveness – I’m not being arrogant, just confused and.

Before things go back to normal, I thought I’d post some links to neat conversions I’ve found during the week. Here goes!

Digital Wastrel
has lots of really cool Dark Eldar models, including plastic Incubi and budget Blasters.

Dave G has been building a “Postapocalyptibuggy” for the last month. Check out his first post about it and read on from there.

Dark Future Games featured an entire army of Krieg Orks.

The Master of the Forge has greenstuffed himself a humongous Abaddon. This one really blew me away.

James has a bunch of ideas for a kitbashed Eldar army.

Last but not least, Santa Cruz Warhammer had conversions as the Honor Roll theme the Friday before we started our Conversion Week here.


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