Conversion Week: Thousand Sons

I’m cheating a bit here – this is no real conversion, more of a kitbash. I’ve been wanting to add a squad of Thousand Sons to my Chaos marines for a while, but I couldn’t work out a good counts-as solution. The Grey Knights fixed it for me.

This lad is a regular “rubric” marine, built from a Dark Angel veteran’s body, Forge World mk III arms, Grey Knight helmet and backpack (with the teleporter antennas cut off), and Chaos bolter and shoulder pads.

Some more views. The Interceptor backpack works really well here – the little teleporter unit looks like some sort warp-energy-focus-thingamajig. The last picture is of another model, where you can see how I’ve scraped off the Dark Angel insignia on the chest. I’ve got a squad of seven lined up, just need to bits-order the heads and backpacks …

Small tip:
I find that a bit of greenstuff is better than superglue when attaching resin/metal arms and shoulder pads to plastic torsos.


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