Tentakel on What’s New Today

My Changeling was featured on Games Workhop’s blog today. My fifteen minutes of fame.

Things will get quiet for a while around here, as I’m going on vacation. If you miss me, look me up on Twitter or Facebook!

Tentakel on What’s New Today


Here’s another golden-oldie-vacation-repost!

There’s just something about the Changeling model that nags me. The composition seems a bit off, so I took the opportunity to make him better. The arms come from an old blue horror and are a perfect fit with minimal greenstuffing effort. With the new arms, the model’s twisting movement is much more apparent. He looks very intangible … The blue basecoat is 50/50 Mordian Blue and Hawk Turquoise, glaze-shaded with Necron Abyss and highlighted with progressively more Space Wolf Grey added to the basecoat. The pink is just Tentacle Pink, with a quick wash of Vallejo Magenta and Warlock Purple. Streaky highlights were then added with a mix of Tentacle Pink and Skull White.