Check it out, it’s Power Metal about 40k! And it doesn’t suck!

Tad Morose’s ex-singer, Urban Breed, is an old gaming buddy of mine. We’re talking way back. My gaming group (age 14-ish at that time) introduced his gaming group (10 years our seniors) to 40k, and they introduced us to legendary stuff like Axis & Allies, Supremacy and Advanced Civilization. That, in turn, led to him writing songs about Space Hulk and Warhammer dwarfs. Check the embedded playlist.

Urban was also my first contact with competitive gaming. He’s a powergamer who takes delight in the intellectual challenge of gaming; boardgames, wargames and cardgames alike. In short, what I’ve become now. Cheers mate, it only took me 20 years to catch up!

EDIT: I messed up the video embed. Should work now, and here’s a playlist with more Tad Morose as well as a track from Urb’s next project, Trail of Murder.