Quantum Gothic makes a range of resin terrain that I’ve had my eyes on for a long time. With defense lines and bunkers being a big thing in 40k 6, I caved in and bought some of their armoured walls, a wee bunker, and a missile launcher. The casting is really good. I’ve seen some evidence of torn molds here and there, but nothing a file didn’t fix.

The last picture shows the same length of wall as GW:s defense line kit contains – 28 inches. Quite a lot. The bunker is way too small to be a bastion. I still like it, and don’t regret buying it. I intend to use it and the walls as normal scenery as well. 

Just one warning.
To get rid of the mold-release, I used the same procedure I do with Forgeworld kits: soak for two hours in degreasing detergent and then scrub with a toothbrush. That wasn’t enough here. I had to redo it and still had primer peel off in some spots. Quantum Gothic seems to use particularly nasty mold-release, so beware.

Other than that, I can heartily recommend them!