Here’s an old post, showing a WIP of those award-winning Dark Eldar Warriors 🙂

Here’s my first squad
of 10 Kabalite warriors. Nothing special, but I’m amazed how well this and all the other Dark Eldar kits assemble. After scraping off the mold lines, the only thing that needs filling are their shoulder pads. All the detail is splendid. I’ve only converted an arm or two, and used one of the Raider passengers for the Dark Lance specialist. Even so the entire squad feels like it has personality. I’ve never felt that when assembling any other 40k squad without heavy modification.

The last image is
a close-up of the Sybarite – and today’s lesson. When assembling models, always plan a little, and check the lines created by arms, weapons, everything. See how her hair follows the same flowing line as the chain and tassle on the banner pole? That line is continued by the pistol in the other direction, and is reinforced by her slight forward lean. The sword arm, however, breaks the line and creates a bit of tension in the pose. That, my friends, makes a dynamic figure. Posing things with their arms in the air doesn’t.

Don’t forget stuff like this. Composition is important.


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