You’re wrong: Blood Angels

Since I moved to Tumblr, my old posts became woefully underused and un-layouted. I’m planning on reposting some of them, beginning with the favourite below.

If you listen to
random Warseer-kiddies and Jawaballs-fans, you’d be under the impression that Blood Angels are the ultimate Emo Space Vampire Kings. You’re wrong.

Let me make one thing clear. Even a blind idiot would see the vampiric theme of the Blood Angels. The point is that it isn’t their main theme. It’s a little icing on the cake, the tickling aftertaste of the wine.

They don't look like bat wings to me.

Those of us whose cultural references stretch further back than the 21:st century will know two things. First is that vampires aren’t traditionally handsome and sulking: they’re monsters. We can blame Anne Rice for the whole emo thing. The second is that the Italians invented a (quite influential) period called the Renaissance. That was back in the days when people believed in angels. Artists during the Renaissance liked to paint things from the Bible* (surely you’ve heard of it), and their aestethic preferences were influenced by the ancient Romans and Greeks. Hence, they painted angels (and just about everyone else) with well-muscled bodies.

And that’s what the Blood Angels’ real theme is. Angels. Space Angels from the Renaissance. You’d have thought the wings were a dead give-away.

* As an aside, Sanguinius also has this neat sacrificial thing going on. Like Dracula. No, hold on. That’s not it. I mean like Jesus.


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