Feminism for wargamers, a reading list

I mentioned a feminist link-fest in the last post. To keep you interested in the issue, here is a selection of articles I think you should go read.

An excellent
treatise on Bayonetta, and why “strong female characters” can be extremely sexist when they’re a product of male gaze-infused design.

Monica Speca
gives Privateer Press some credit for their character designs. She also explains the difference between sexy and sexist. This post was a follow up to …

… this one, where Speca rips on the misuse of a D&D comic book character. Make sure you read the posts that are linked in the first paragraph as well.

John Scalzi
tackles white male privilege. One of the simplest, most down-to-earth explanations of a complex issue I’ve ever read.

of House of Paincakes wrote an extremely weird article. While the post itself is epic trolling, the discussion in the comments ended up interesting.

James S
(sparked by SinSynns post) talks about sexy models done right.

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