Nine projects I’d do if I had infinite amounts of time

1: An army building program for iOS. Then I’d sell it to GW.

2: An 8-bit RPG with a teenage hero who ends up as the bad guy.

3: A proper ruleset for LEGO: Heroica.

4: Learn how to draw.

5: Write a series of (six or seven) pulpy post-apocalyptic short stories, with a meta-plot overarching them all.

6: Adopt the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay mechanics for a skirmish wargame, à la Mordheim. I love card driven rules.

7: A deck-building game with tarot cards.

8: One of those boutique skirmish wargames that seem to spring up like mushrooms these days. We are in the golden days of miniature gaming, truly!

9: A dungeon crawling boardgame with the fighting mechanics from Blood Bowl.


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