English: When I decided to paint a full 2000 point orange Space Marine army, one of the things I was really keen to try was more realistic approach to painting tanks and vehicles. 

The idea that my Chapter – or any one for that matter, that spends its time crusading to keep the universe safe – would have shiny, newly painted tanks, it just seemed wrong. So I included as many tanks as possible in my army list to give me plenty of practice!

I studied what other painters were doing and figured that, with an airbrush and using some of the same techniques that I would use on regular infantry minis, I should be able to pull of a decent looking tank relatively quickly!

I’ve now painted a couple of vehicles and I’m well pleased with the results. There’s much room for improvements and I can always get better, of course. But as an example, I painted a Drop pod in this manner in a single day. Not to mention these two Razorbacks and most of a Land Raider in less than a week. I’ll have pictures of the Drop pod and Land Raider in a few days.

I didn’t quite meet my goal of finishing the entire 2000 point army in four months, but I’m almost there. And I’m pleased to see that with a few simple means, I can produce 40k vehicles to a pretty high standard in no time at all!


Everything Roger paints makes me want to ragequit the hobby. There’s no way to keep up with what he’s doing.


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