English: This is the first of 2 Predator tanks that I’m currently working on. I just started working with an airbrush a while back, and am now trying to see how fast I’ll be able to get some SM tanks done. As you can see I’ve also played around with some heavier weathering on this tank. I usually go for a more ‘Eavy Metal “crisp and clean” look when painting but I felt like it was time to try something new. The airbrush, heavy weathering and research on realistic, historic tank miniature painting both online and in some diffrent books has given me a vision of how I’m going to paint 2000pts of Space Marines to the standard I want as fast as possible. Unfortunatley it seems like time itself won’t agree with my plan as I’ve had far to few hours of hobby this week.


Check this out. We’ve got a new group-effort tumblr going. Go follow it, NOW!


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