How to become a Chaos Cultist

Fantasy Flight Games just released a new 40k RPG, Black Crusade. While I’m note much of a role-player, it got me thinking about Chaos and all the variant armies it had in Rogue Trader. How do you accurately represent an army that has approximately a gazillion different unit types? I mean, traitor guardsmen, cultists, beastmen, renegade marines, and daemons. That’s just scratching the surface. And then it hit me. Grey Knights.

Not the Knights themselves, mind. Start with Torquemada Coteaz. Call him a Chaos Magus. Suddenly a whole new world of crazy troop choices are unlocked. An Inquisitorial henchmen band can be used to represent just about anything. There are the basic humans (Acolytes), two different types of psyker (Mystics and, well, Psykers), and heavy weapon troopers (Servitors). You can have any number of fanatic cultists and mutants (Archo-flagellants, Banishers, Crusaders and Assassins). To top it off, you even have a fallen Adeptus Mechanicus look-alike (Jokaero). And of course, Daemonhosts. Go with another Inquisitor for your second HQ. Give him a daemon weapon. Call it a day. If you crave even more, you can always count a Daemon Prince (or just about any chaotic monster) as a Dreadknight, and renegade Marines as Grey Knights.

There you have it. An old-school Chaos army from a new-school codex. I don’t have the time for a project like this at the moment, so I’m giving this idea to you, the community. What are you waiting for? Go forth to kill!


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