Welcome back

It’s been awfully quiet  here. It’s because I was in a team, making a thing. If you have an Ipad and are interested in journalism, by all means go check it out. It’s in Swedish so I won’t guarantee you’ll actually understand anything in it.

So. Gaming.

There’s been
a Games Day, and I’ve been glued to various Twitter and Flickr feeds, checking it out. Rumour has it that Roger won a bronze for his Flash Git squad. GW doesn’t have official pics of the winners yet, but Martin’s Imperial Fist (that didn’t place) can be seen in their Single Minis gallery. I take credit for that – i pinned the little blighter’s legs in place.

I haven’t had
much time for hobbying, what with the magazine editing and all, but I have been digging out all my unwanted stuff from the basement. Thats two large BFG fleets, as well as a smattering of Sisters of Battle, plastic Chaos Marines, Confrontation goblins, and more. All headed for Ebay …


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