My man-cave

I’ve mentioned that we moved to a new apartment. Beforehand, me and my girlfriend made an agreement. One of the rooms would house a guest bed – and all my hobby stuff. After a few trips to Ikea it’s starting to shape up really well. The table can be extended to house a Realm of Battle board (glimpsed to the right of the sofa/bed), and since it had been used for display it was cheap and already slightly scuffed. Perfect for mucking about with tools on.

Aah, the childhood memories … That copy of Warhammer Quest is incredibly well-used.

The bookshelf houses Blood Angels, Chaos Marines and Dark Eldar, as well as rulebooks, dice, board games and plenty of Magic cards. At the bottom you can see the tool-and-paint-and-bitz-box cabinet.

This room is a dream come true. There are some storage issues to work out, but nothing that can’t be overcome. Me and the mates are busy making terrain to fill up the table a few times over (Roger has an awesome bit here (in Swedish)). Then the battles will commence.


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