First impressions of Finecast

In a wonder of worldwide logistics, Games Workshop released their resin range this Saturday. Getting copies of 100+ kits to the retailers can’t be easy. And it shows. Quality control certainly isn’t what I expect from GW. I actually saw a Urien Rakarth that had a “spider’s web” of flash all over the sprue.

That said I’m impressed with the material itself. I bought this Khorne champion, and while there were some warped/bubbled areas that required greenstuffing and other attention, the flash and mould lines were a breeze to get rid of. The light grey colour is also very pleasant, and makes detail instantly visible.

Here are four
great Finecast reviews I found yesterday:
Steve Buddle thinks it’s the future.
Dante is impressed.
William Davies will sell all his metal models.
Maz at Winterdyne is underwhelmed.


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