You’re Wrong: Suspended until further notice

It’s April Fools Day, but I’m not going to pull any stunts on you. Promise.

The You’re Wrong series has been a huge success, bringing 40,000 billion (rough estimate) new readers to Tentakel Games. I have fun writing the posts too. But now it’s over. Last week I resorted to cheap shots, and the article ended up being worse than it should have. Instead of rushing out posts I’ll turn the series into an irregular one, letting each idea brood and fester until it’s good enough to pop out.

I thought I could keep things witty and on the right side of the line between fun and tasteless. Turns out I was wrong.


Jonathan and I have got a hobby session scheduled tonight. I presume we’re going to spend our Friday evening assembling a ton of Grey Knights. Who will then proceed to massacre me during the game we’ve planned for Sunday.


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