Whaddayasay about this GK list?

I got my Grey Knight pre-order stuff yesterday! Let’s hear it for me! Hooray! I must say that the parts of the Codex I’ve read so far are really good, despite all the Ward Nemiseses out there (geddit?). Or is that Nemesi? Nemeses? Anywho, the fluff is awesome, including the part where Malcador the Sigilite hides Titan from Horus through sorcerous means and kick-ass attitude! And the fact that the gene-seeds of the Grey Knights are made from the “flesh and soul of the Emperor himself”! Auto-win? But who were the eight astartes that were chosen to lead Chapter 666? And what terrible secret is hidden in the deepest vaults, guarded by the Order of the Purifiers? We can only speculate…

As a starter, I ordered two boxes of termies and one PAGK-box. I’m going to buy one more of each, to build this: 1 x Librarian with buttloads of powers, a Nemesis (Nemesi?) Warding Stave and skulls 1x Brother Captain (no GM for fluffy reasons) with MC NFS and rad nades. 5x Purifiers with 2x Incinerators 1x hammer and 3x halberds 5x Termies with 1x MC Hammer (sic!), 4x halberds and a psycannon 5x Termies with 1x MC Hammer, 4x NFS and a psycannon 5x Purgators with 4x Psycannons I also have a Dreadnought that looks kinda nice, perhaps I’ll put some pictures up later…

Whaddayasay? Don’t really care whether it’s competetive or not, since I’m more of a Ringo; ergo, I prefer fluff and flavour over exploiting the rules. Also, I’m not a fan of tanks. Deep striking foot sloggers FTW!

EDIT: Ringo reference corrected. My bad.  -David


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