You’re Wrong: Fluffy

Sure, I’ve written about this before (don’t click the link – I’m not done yet). But this time I’m pissed. Pissed off, I mean. All you fluff nazis out there: Why do you misinterpret everything and insist on ruining the game for other people? Because what you call a “fluffy army” is wrong. There’s nothing that makes your all-jetbike Saim Hann army more right than one with a lot of guardians in it. More themed, sure. Perhaps even more typical. But not more correct. That’s just you trying to hide that you’re not good at playing the game.

Six IG veteran squads in Valkyries? Space Wolf Razorback spam? Red Corsairs with Plague Marines? Raven Guard Sternguard veterans and tactical squads? Nothing wrong with any of that, from a lore perspective. All of them exist in the 40k universe. Check out Martin’s Ulthwé army. It’s very cool. He’s got this neat theme going on, with tons of guardians and a small seer council. I tell him he should get some more powerful units, and he’s all “no, I want the army to be fluffy, too many aspect warriors would be against the theme”. He’s wrong, of course. Ulthwé has lots of aspect warriors – certainly more than the 20 or so he’d need for a 2000 point army.

So, fluff nazis. Do yourself a service. Get off the high horses. There are three pillars to the miniature wargaming creed – painting, lore and gaming. Claiming you’re better because you misinterpreted one of them is just wrong.

Update: Before I forget, You’re Wrong is still satire. Stay safe!


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