How to paint a Grey Knight Termie

GREY KNIGHTS!!! Bet that caught your attention. Yes, the elite of the best of the hardest of hard are all the rage these days, and I’m beginning to see why.

As you might have guessed from the image above, I was able to get my greedy, pale, skeletal little hands on a set of Grey Knight Terminator sprues and wasted no time in dabbing some paint on one of them suckers.

Because this kit is awesome. The details, for one thing, are superb. This has become more or less a given nowadays, what with CAD technology and all. But what really does it for me is the amount of options and extra gubbinz you get (which, I’m sure, is the general consensus, and something that GW has embraced with gusto.)

For example, the little shoulder pad-shield-thingy. There are twenty of those, all different, in four distinct styles, making them perfect for squad identification. And that’s right off the sprue. There’s also an absurd amount of heads, including two bare ones.

If the journey won’t kill you, visit a GW store and check the sprues out. Even if you don’t care about Grey Knights as such, the kits are a nice bitz-source and perfect for Librarian conversions.

I painted this to look just like the ‘Eavy Metal Grey Knight army. I tend to do that. I don’t know their exact method, but I’m pretty happy with the result I got. The armour is a basecoat of Boltgun metal, highlighted with Chainmail, washed with Badab black and Asurmen blue, then highlighted again with Chainmail and Mithril silver.

If you’re curious about any other part of the painting, feel free to ask.

This guy was really fun to paint, and took maybe five or six evenings to finish.


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