Review: Voodooworx resin bases

Here are a bunch of resin bases I ordered from Voodooworx. It’s a small company, set up by super-mega-painter-extraordinaire Wil Davies. At the time of writing, he’s got these 25 mm bases and an assortment of resin plinths for sale. The complete set of 10 cost me £6, plus a small shipping fee. Fairly reasonable, I think.

I’ve never tried resin bases before, since they generally look like crap (enormous bases is most likely an upcoming subject for You’re Wrong). These – billed as Alien Temple – are instead nicely understated and have incredibly crisp detail. The image above shows the bases after I washed off the mold release with some heavy-duty detergent. The size and bevel fit in nicely with GWs own bases, though the paving adds a fair bit of height as you can see. I like the stepped effect it gives, and the flowing lines of the architecture will complement any Eldar Miniatures you’ll put on them.

I sanded the undersides slightly to ensure they were perfectly smooth. There are a few air bubbles in the cast, but nothing that’ll bother me. None of the details seem to have warped either – something I’m used to from Forgeworld miniatures. As a complete aside, why aren’t there any manufacturers offering weighted resin bases? To me if would seem like a perfect way to add stability to just drop in a few lead bits in each base while it’s hardening. Feel free to steal the idea.

To really test them I glued on these Wyches that I had laying around. With only a few square millimetres of contact surface, they still stick without pinning. The bases will easily take miniatures with larger footprints as well. The surface is fairly flat in spite of the layered effect – the top layers are very thin.

I’m quite impressed by the Voodooworx bases. I bought them on a whim, but’ll gladly buy more once the range has expanded. Compared to getting bases from American manufacturers shipped to Sweden, they’re cheap, and much better detailed. Thumbs up!


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