Making a better Dreadknight

Ok, so the Grey Knights have arrived. And in style, if I might add. I love the new termies and PAGKs as they are, and the converting options they offer makes me want to do adult things to them! And if the Codex matches the minis, probably to Matt Ward as well… One thing I didn’t like though, was the gangly Nemesis Dreadknight. It looks like a Terminator on stilts, and not that menacing to be honest. Since yesterday I’ve been following several different rants on the net about how GW is destroying the game, how little they know about Imperial tech (wutlul?) and how they, the Evil Corporation, is just out to make money. By selling their products. To their customers. Sure, I can see how most people would confuse Games Workshop, a company making tiny warriors from plastic and metal, with a charity foundation. The similarities are spooky. Anywho, back to the Dreadknight. After reading above mentioned discussions about the end of the world, I decided to do something about it instead of whining. And since I don’t have access to the mini itself, I grabbed my trusty Photoshop and made a digital conversion! And hey presto! Below you can see the result:

I realized that the only things that were bugging me were the long legs and the fact that the pilot is wearing a diaper (how the frack did you think that termies went to the potty anyway?). That was easily fixed by shortening the legs by one joint and putting a loincloth in front of the diaper!

I’m honestly really happy with the result, which annoys me since my IRL dito won’t look even nearly as good. Crap.

It looks much better, I think. As a bonus, here’s a Defiler-version I mocked up as well – David


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