Grey Knights arriving the 2nd of April

Finally, the wait is over. By now, I bet you’ve all seen the advance orders. Jonathan has already pre-ordered enough for a playable force. I bet he sat there constantly refreshing until the Grey Knights came up, the incurable fanboy. All of the Terminator and Power armoured GKs look great, as expected. Tons of pieces – I like the leather hooded heads especially.

But today, I want to talk about the Dreadknight.

It’s silly.
While it’s not as manga-riffic as feared it’s still as silly as they come. Silly lore, silly concept, silly miniature. Skarvald the Troll-faced sums it up pretty well: He’s wearing diapers. The humongous sword is taken straight from a 12-year-old anime fan’s wet dreams. The Dreadknight’s contours are unlike anything we’re used to Imperial industrial designers spitting out. I’d like it it with a more enclosed cockpit instead, maybe even a Dreadnought front and no Terminator legs dangling. Or just skip the pilot, give him a Titan-like head and call him a Daemon Prince. Or better yet a huge arm-cannon and he’s a Defiler.

Mike from Constantly Risking Obscurity also has a wonderful take on the new models here. Though I think the leather hoods are awesome, his post is incredibly funny.

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