Red Corsairs Test Model

Here’s a proof of concept mini I painted for my Red Corsairs. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll remember that I’ve been all emo about my Chaos colour scheme. No more. I’ve decided to scrap the Sol Invictus all together and go with these instead. The colours in the picture are a wee bit washed out and the gradients are more smooth IRL, but you get a good idea of what I’m aiming for. No dark red, no gritty drybrush. I want ‘em shiny!

For the record, I used to hate painting red. The magic trick is to use a red primer. I bought a can of Army Painter Pure Red just to try it out, and while not flawless, it works as good as you’d expect. One thin basecoat of Blood Red and a wash of 50/50 Blood Red and Dark Flesh, and most of the job is done. The rest is just highlighting with progressively more Fiery Orange added to the Blood Red, and a tiny touch of Dwarf Flesh on the top. Once the red is finished, black, bone and metal feels like a breeze. I’ve got an entire squad of the old Sol Invictus marines lined up for a second thin coat of Pure Red. Wish me luck!


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