Phew, what a week

It’s been a gametastic weekend. This Saturday we managed to fit in some kitchen-table-casual Magic, a hair-raisingly close game of Smallworld, and Jon trounced me in Space Hulk. Again. I bet he’ll do it next time too. I need practice.

Blogging last week was good too – You’re Wrong turned out to be a smash hit. Come back this Thursday for some more tongue-in-cheek ranting. Also, Martin’s Eldar got featured on House of Paincakes’ Weekly Top X. Good times!

If you take a look at the sidebar to the right, you’ll notice that the most popular post is this old random thing. It turns out Google thinks this site is a great place for all your Nyarlathotep needs. Over a quarter of our traffic from Google is from people searching for old tentacle-head. Weird, but all traffic is good traffic, I guess. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all mythos-mucus lovers that come here looking for Lovecraftian shenanigans. Sad to disappoint you.

Tomorrow, we’ll be featuring something very red. See you then!


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