You’re Wrong: True Line of Sight

Welcome to the first part of a new series here at Tentakel Games. In You’re Wrong we’ll be going through common misconceptions that the Johnny Internetz often spout around. We’ll begin with one of the best.

True Line of Sight is a much-maligned feature of 5:th edition 40k. I’f you’re to believe the Internet, Alessio Cavatore came along and destroyed everything that was good and abstract about Warhammer 40,000. Yeah, right. The model’s eye view has been around since I started playing, at the dawn of 2:nd edition. Cityfight (precursor to Cities of Death) brought with it the notion of area terrain somewhere in 3:rd edition. Area terrain then appeared in the basic 4:th edition rulebook. You still used the model’s eye view to determine who could see what, except if the target was in or behind area terrain. I quote from the God Damn Rulebook, page 20:

In some cases, it will be difficult to tell if line of sight is blocked or not, so players might have to stoop over the table for a model’s eye view. This is the best way to determine whether or not a line of sight exists. The only time you don’t use this method is when you want to draw a line of sight into or past Area Terrain (see page 21, Line of Sight & Area Terrain), or an ongoing assault combat – this is dealt with later.

So. Nothing new. It’s not my fault that the only terrain you ever played with were ruins. I’m going to get lots of feedback on this post. People saying “Hey, David. True Line of Sight has ruined my game, and here’s why”. Stop it. Don’t bother. It’s just you being stupid.

Join us in a week for the next insulting part of You’re Wrong. In the mean time, I’m interested in what ignites the nerd rage in you?


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