Old Stuff Day link bonanza

To help spread the love of Old Stuff Day, I gathered the OSD posts from blogs I follow. A spanking sweet bunch!

of Warhammer 39,999 is the mind behind Old Stuff Day (in the 40k community, at least). He shows off his great Mycetic Spores – and more. Link »

Warpaint Studio takes a look at a real classic – Heroquest! Link »

Wolves for the Wolf God has some cool Apocalypse formations. Link »

Old School Termie wants us to remember Adepticon 2010. Link »

More from Dark Future Gaming – CVinton has some greenstuff sandbags. Link »

Dave G of Wargaming Tradecraft wants some more feedback on his old musings – get over there and help him! Link »

Ron Saikowski shares the love and links to his favourite modelling, painting and gaming posts from other people. Link »

James S hands out a great link to an editorial on the infancy of 40k and Warhammer. Link »

PsychosisPC lists some of his most popular conversions, and adds pictures of heavily armoured Bestigors. Link »

Ded’Ard has a couple of cool Blood Angels Razorback conversions. Link »

The guys from Santa Cruz Warhammer were the guiding hands of the Storm Warden project, one of the best – and absolutely the most moving – 40k fan “events” of 2010. Link »

House of Paincakes reposts a post made by Stelek on listbuilding. Link »

Dave Taylor digs up some Blood Pact from his archive, among other things. Link »

Mike at Constantly Risking Obscurity posts an old paintjob. Link »

The good Colonel of Corbania Prime links to some of his awesome tutorials. Link »

I messed up some of the links – everything should be working now!


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