Gazbad’s Vengeance

Gazbad shook his head to try and stop the ringing in his ears. He snorted a cloud of dust from his nose and slowly raised his head over what was left of the wall. He chewed his squigar and looked down at the mayhem below, making sure his black woolen cap was still in place.

The humie tanks had hit them hard from the side, crushing Runtherder Rotgar and his gibbering mass of gretchin under their tracks and continuing to pound da boyz with their cannons. In their midst and slightly behind the rest of the tanks was the biggest humie tank Gazbad had ever seen. Too tempting a target to let go.

”Urg, give uz da stikkbombs,” Gazbag demanded and held out a hand behind him. When no-one answered he glanced back at the remains of his squad. Messy.

With an annoyed curse Gazbad kicked a section of fallen wall off the squished body of his second-in-command. Urg had a look of surprise on his face that contrasted sharply against the red ruin of his chest.

”Hur, hur, hur, youz looking stoopid,” Gazbad chuckled, yanking the explosives from Urgs hands and hoisting them on his back and snuck through the swirling dust in the wake of the Baneblade.

The rest of da boyz
were making enough noise to keep all the humies occupied, so no-one heard Gazbad as he crept up the back of the tank and started fiddling with the stikkbombs.

Suddenly the hatch of the cannon turret squeaked and started to open. Gazbad ducked behind it. A sweaty humie in a shiny peaked cap peered out with some kind of communikation device held to his ear.

”Yessir, we’ve sent the filthy greenskins running and are now securing the area. It is safe to move in. Knight-Commander Sorensen out.” The humie tossed the radio down into the bowels of his tank and took a deep breath through his nose. ”Aaaah, I love the smell of, GHAK!” he choked as Gazbag stabbed him through the throat and promptly tossed him to the ground behind the tank. Gazbad then armed his bombs and hurled them down into the Baneblade.

”Hur, hur, hur, whoz filthy now, huh?” He jumped of the tank, landed on the humie commander with a squelch and hit the ground running, pausing long enough to pick up his favorite stabba from the corpse.

The Imperial Baneblade exploded violently with a sound like Gork (or Mork?) roaring with laughter. Gazbad was still chuckling as he melted away into the ruined cityscape.

Gazbad returns!
David’s story made me want to see more of this uncharacteristically stealthy Ork.


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