Beating Grey Knights, the Chaos way

With the Ordo Malleus mustering their forces, it’s time to start fighting back. Last week Jonathan read the leaked Grey Knight codex, and now it’s all he’s talking about. I’ll be facing tons of invulnerable saves the very minute the codex is released. So, what do we Chaos players have to fight back with? To combat the good saves (invulnerable and otherwise) I recommend weight of fire. The more saves you force your opponent to roll, the more he will fail. Simple as that. To that end, you can’t go wrong with Berserkers. A bucketload of Attacks, and with Furious Charge they also exploit the Grey Knight’s Initiative of 4. A Power Fist Champion can instakill Paladins and characters. Add Khârn for more killyness, and to dump a few wounds on when the Knights hit back. Remember, he’s immune to psychic powers.

Using Daemon Princes
will probably be tricky; regardless of what rumours are true, the Grey Knights are daemon-killers and will have rules and wargear aplenty to deal with them. A winged Prince of Slaanesh could work, though. Leave the Lash at home, and use Warptime and your Slaaneshi Initiative to go character-hunting. Don’t commit him too early, and expect him to die. It seems like most Knight squads will bring their own anti-transport gun in the form of the Psycannon. Between that, Stormravens and Razorback spam, your light vehicles won’t be getting anything done. Try for a firing line of infantry instead. Let the Knights come to you, knock their transports out with whatever you normally use, and blast the foot-sloggers with Missile Launchers. Yes, Missile Launchers. Remember, weight of fire is your friend. Squads of ten basic Chaos Marines with a Missile Launcher and a Plasmagun will put out a respectable amount of hurt every turn. If you skip transports, you will outnumber them easily, and get to choose where to countercharge with your Berserkers. Bewere, your infantry will die fast when the Knights get into combat, so you need to maximize the number of turns you get to shoot. Pop the Razorbacks and Stormravens!

Our codex is
getting ancient, and has few tricks, but there’s no need to despair. We’re not cost-effective enough to transport everything. Dig yourself in to whatever terrain you can get, and weather the storm. Rejoice in being the horde army for once!

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