Inquisitor Lord Ebonlocke

I give you Inquisitor Lord Sebastian Ebonlocke!

Ebonlocke is originally from an old Cadian family, and was recruited into the Inquisition straight from the Kasrkin. This gives me the excuse of making his henchmen unit look like Cadian soldiers, no matter what they count as!

I’m thinking he recruited trusted members from his household guard. Or perhaps he is just a stickler for tradition and requires all his employees to dress the same.

The conversion
is fairly simple, I just swapped the head on the Cadian Company Commander (I don’t like the look on his face!) for Sergeant Telion’s head and filed down the markings on his right shoulder pad. The stone tiled base is something I plan on doing for every model in my coming GK army.

Since I’m a newbie at painting I tried to keep that fairly simple as well. I plan on doing another round of highlights, adding some battle damage to the armor and to repaint the blade. I’m thinking a turquoise force sword, whaddayasay? I think it will go well with the reddish tiles of the base.

Also, I’m hoping for transfers to put on the now blank shoulder pad, otherwise I’ll have to sculpt something. (Yikes!)

Thanks (as always) to Martin Peterson for helping me with some details on the model. This time I also had help from Roger “Raxhammer” Axelsson and David the Tentakel, both amazing painters! A lot of chefs in this soup …


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