Ahoy, Beasties!

Clawed Fiend of the Donorian sector, version 2.0.

Games Workshop has the new Dark Eldar Beastmaster and his beasts up for preorder (as well as a marvellous Succubus). Like most of us, I’m fighting a bad case of the Multiple Army Syndrome. This release won’t exactly make my life easier – I really really really want a Harlequin-heavy Dark Eldar army some day, and the beasts would go great together with the space clowns.

Clawed Fiends has been around as a since Rogue Trader days – just like the Harlequins. The small picture on the right is from the 3:rd edition rulebook. This is the first time they get a model, though. And what a stonking beast! Is it me, or is the Heavy Metal team getting better and better at painting with every release?

The Khymerae are an update to the old Warp Beasts that were in the 3:rd edition Dark Eldar codex. Featuring some gorgeously painted flayed muscles (check those tiny highlights) as well as neat tentacles, I can emagine these as a sideshow to a couple of Harlie squads.

As well as
being great news for Dark Eldar players, these guys offer plenty of conversion fodder for everyone else. The Clawed Fiend could play the part of Scyla in a WHFB Chaos army. Swap his head and it’s a master-bred Rat Ogre. It almost looks big enough to be a Vermin Lord …

All images borrowed from Games Workshop.


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