How (not) to build a Dreadnought army

Even an Iphone camera can produce viable photos for a blog!

Last Sunday, I bought the new Furioso, to go with the Stormraven I’d planned for my Bloodwing army. Since the kit comes with three different sarcophagii, I thought I’d convert a Black Reach dreadnought I had lying around too.

One thing led to another, and I bought a Venerable dread to use as another Furioso. I’m in the process of scrapping my converted Chaos dreads as well. With Blood Angel bits on them, they’ll make great Death Company members …

This all means
I need to iron out an army list. Now, I’m not the most tactically sound player. So I begin with the concept. Dreadnoughts.

I want to use all of the five above, as well as a Stormraven. Getting that many dreads in there means I need Death Company marines. They’ll fit nicely in the Stormraven, along with one of the dreads. Theoretically, that’s all the troop choices I’ll need. None of them are scoring, however. Should I care about that? Probably. Not yet, though.

Here’s the 1500 point
list I ended up with on my first try.

1 Librarian

5 Death Company marines, 1 power fist
1 Death Company dread with blood talons
2 x 5 Scouts with sniper rifles

Furioso Librarian with force weapon and blood fist, in drop pod
Furioso with frag cannon and blood fist, in drop pod

2 x Dreadnought with two twin-linked autocannons
Stormraven with twin-linked multimelta, twin-linked assault cannons, and hurricane bolters

I’m not quite
satisfied with this. I’d like to have another Death Company dread, which forces me to get another five DC marines as well. Also I don’t want to paint drop pods. Do you have any advice, dear readers?


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