Rat ogres, they’re everywhere!

Let’s face it, even for lumpen monstrosities, the existing rat ogres are abysmally ugly. They lack sharpness and their style doesn’t mesh well with the new Skaven range. The Island of Blood kit offers a solution – but I wanted some variations on the two sculpts in there.

Above you have a tentacled master-bred rat ogre. Just a head-and-arm-swap, really. The tentacles are from the spawn kit and the head from the other IoB rat ogre. And yes, that’s a Daemon Prince’s tail. It’s absolutely huge.

On the left
is a basic spawn, with the head and arm from the guy above. I added some warpstone made from sprue off-cuts, and sculpted ragged fur down his back. The fur took a bit of training, but in the end was quite easy to make. I added blobs of green stuff and let them set for about 30 minutes, and then cut a criss-cross pattern in them. Then I teased and pushed the resulting diamond shapes to form the fur strands.

What do you
think of these rat ogres? And what conversions have you made from the Island of Blood models?


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