Work in progress: Hell Pit Abomination

The Hell Pit Abomination is the most hideous model GW has ever released – in a good way! Naturally I couldn’t leave it unmodified. I sawed off the head and replaced it with a wurm-like maw. This gives the model a bit more focus, though I like the original rat’s nest of heads as well. Some of the limbs were just swapped for bits from the chaos spawn box.

There’s still
a bit of gap-filling left to do. Although the kit is very easy to put together, and everything fits well, there is simply no way of avoiding seams between the large pieces. I’ll need to fill and file along the entire spine, and some of the arms that come in multiple pieces as well.

I’ve always been
a fan of the Skaven (well, since the mid-nineties at least), and with the newest range of releases it’s a good time to start collecting them. I’ve got a block of 30 clanrats almost finished. Pics to follow …


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