Why play Grey Knights?

With the Interwebz overflowing with Grey Knight rumors and Games Workshop’s recent groundbreaking news (cue gasps!) that their new range will be released in April, one begins to think.

Why play Grey Knights?

Grey Knights have always been a favorite of mine, their solemn and shadowy heroics standing in sharp contrast to the colorful and gleeful violence and boisterous destruction represented by the orks that I normally play, or the boasting heroics of the Space Wolves.

So why am
I so fascinated with them?

I love the thought of playing a 1000 point game with 10–15 miniatures. Perhaps not the most competetive army list, but what do I care? They are few, they are strong, and one-on-one – no other warrior in the galaxy can beat them!

And apart from them being the very definition of a small but elite army (which I ironically like despite playing orks), the shadowy lore surrounding them is awesome!





The Emperor protects. He is everything and everywhere. He represents the Imperium that could have been, the Golden Age of Man that was stopped by the Arch Heretic Horus before it had even begun.

But as a last gift to mankind, to his beloved Imperium, the Emperor created a number of holy warriors from his own flesh. His own flesh! Paladins that would continue his never-ending war against the daemons of the Immaterium – a war that even the might of the Primarchs failed to win.

Forgive my blasphemy, but it is true!

The Grey Knights represents the Emperor’s true sons. They were his last resort; his secret weapon against the Great Enemy. The Primarchs were great conquerors, warlords and soldiers. But they were flawed. Call me a heretic, but fully half of them joined the Great Enemy at Horus’ behest, to wage war against the very God that created them.

But the Grey Knights have stood proud and unbroken for millenia. They have succeded where the Primarchs failed. They have spat in the eye of Chaos, faced horrors that would, and have, broken the minds of lesser Astartes. They have faced the alluring powers of Chaos untold times, and yet not one of them have given in.

They are all that mankind could have been, the bravest of the brave, the fiercest of the fierce, the purest of the pure.

The Grey Knights are truly the unsung heroes of the Imperium.


What he said.

That, and the fact that they have two-wound terminators.

Image shamelessly borrowed from http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Grey_Knights

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