Gorgut Deffkill, Ork Warboss

Gorgut Killfist

I’m happy to introduce my dear friend Jonathan and his first blog post. You’ve seen his work here before – he’s the one with the converted Space Dwarfs. This time he’s been greenstuffing the green menace. Take it away!

Big hands, gotta love’em.
When I first saw the new range of Skaven rat ogres, I fell in love with those big hands. I had to have them.

But since I’m an ork player through and through (with just a hint of Space Wolves and Grey Knights – more on that later) this beautiful rat monstrosity presented a somewhat awkward problem. What place does a cowardly but muscular rodent have in an army of stalwart, valiant and heroic greenskins? Ehrmm …

Enter the greenstuff!

First out, I
none-too-carefully cut away the head and anything even remotely ratty on the model’s lower half – tail, fur and claws.

I then took a big chunk of greenstuff and carefully covered the violated parts in a semblance of trousers and boots. Since I’m somewhat of a novice in sculpting, and lacking any patience whatsoever, this proved to be the difficult part. Luckily, David told me to work in layers, which in the end resulted in something that at least looked like clothing.

The good thing
about orks is that they are very forgiving when it comes to modelling and sculpting. I just took some spare bits and plasticard and glued to the parts that didn’t look quite as smooth as I wanted, representing armor plates riveted to the cloth and flesh of the ork.

And hey presto! Deffkill was born! Or Defkil, since he lacks the knuckles to write the whole thing and wouldn’t know the difference anyway.

In gaming terms,
he is a Warboss with heavy armor and THE cybork body (Frankenork anyone?), and those big hands that I so lovingly (in a somewhat disturbing way, granted) described earlier counts as a big choppa and an attack squig – all rolled into one!

EDIT: I’d like to thank the ever-amazing Martin Peterson for doing the freehand work on the shoulder and tabard. He says I gotta add this paragraph or he’ll hit me with a really expensive Windsor & Newton brush.


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