Get yourself a porcelain palette

As you know, acrylic paint is a pain in the behind to remove from most surfaces. It clings to any impurities in the material and once dry, only solvents and rigorous scrubbing will get rid of it.

Enter the porcelain palette. I bought this one three months ago, and the top picture on the right is what it looks like after a couple of days of terrain painting. The middle shows it soaking in hot tap water. After 45 minutes i took it out and gave it a rough scrub with a scouring pad ā€“ sparkling!

The trick is that the firing process leaves a coat of glass on the porcelain. This surface is smooth, so the paint has nothing to adhere to. It may seem like a trivial point, but having an easy-to-clean palette like this does wonders for my painting. The pristine white surface shows the colours much better.

If you’re going out to buy one, I have one tip for you. Get one with circular wells in (like this ā€“ I couldn’t find one). Since we wargamers use so small amounts of paint, it’ll leave less surface area for the paint to evaporate from.


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