What has more melta guns than you can shake a stick at?

My first Chosen squad – Mandragora of the 1st company. They were built with what I had laying around. I tipped over the cornucopia that is my bitz box, and voila! They’re tied together by Sanguinary Guard shoulder pads and chainmail tabards (except the running trooper – I couldn’t get the tabard to fit with his legs).

But isn’t there something fishy about them?

Yep. Their weapons are magnetised. I haven’t actually made anything other than melta guns yet, but I have five flamers lined up for the same treatment.

Since the Sol Invictus’ 1st company are recon specialists (more details here) I used techy heads with lots of bionic bitz. To the left here is a converted Nurgle head, for example. The three eyes give the guy a sweet Sam Fisher look – perfect for an infiltrating bad-ass. Their elite-ness is represented by the Sanguinary Guard shoulders.

Go ahead, punk. Make my day.


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