How a great games designer thinks

Mark Rosewater has done it again. Read his latest column, about how to apply Dieter Rams’ ten principles for good design to games design (Rams is a very influential industrial designer). Here are a couple of quotes:

At each step you have to be willing to challenge what you know and examine potential ways to improve the design. Good design involves embracing change, when necessary, and being willing to accept risk. I will make the important distinction that good design is innovation, but innovation isn’t enough for good design.

A big part of any art is learning the rules of that art. Painters have to understand perspective, photographers have to understand light, writers have to understand story structure. Most of these rules come from the lessons of aesthetics. What does a painting or a photograph or a story have to do to “feel right” to the audience?

Game design is no different. Games have to “feel right.”

Wonderful, isn’t it? As I’m at work at the moment, I’ll leave the analysis to you, dear readers.

I love reading Rosewater. He has insights that are applicable to all forms of games design, as well having a way with words. Something you should appreciate, unless you are not literate.

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