Squats, Sanguinor the Fallen, and the coolest Defiler ever

The results of last night’s hobby session! I busied myself with updating three dreadnoughts with frontplates from venerable dreads. My friend Jonathan built some dwarfs/squats for a Kill Team, using Space Wolf bits.

And here’s the beginnings of a scorpionoid defiler. The design isn’t mine, I found it on a forum a couple of years back. The second picture shows the waist coupling. It’s a metal washer on the leg chassi and a magnet with a plastic nub on the pirahna body. Besides allowing the upper body to swivel, the whole thing will be much easier to transport.

I’m going to magnetize the tail as well. I only need to build some form of energy weapon to stand in for a battle cannon. It makes no sense to mount something firing shells all the way up there …

Closeup of two of the dreadnoughts. For some reason, I didn’t shoot the third one.

Jonathan’s dwarfs! He refuses to call them squats … They’re escaped slave miners, genetically modified by a Dark Eldar cabal.

Here’s one before the beard treatment. Looks cool, no?

And finally, the painting of the Sanguinor-daemon continues. Still not decided on what to use for a head. Any suggestions?


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