I cut the Sanguinor’s head off …

… and replaced it with an insect leg. Take that, Blood Angel lovers!

His pose is flawless as a daemon-prince-host. I just cut off the hands, head and jump pack and rummaged through the bitz box for replacements. The insect-spawn leg is just a proxy – I’ll probably have a tentacle or two snaking out instead.

I ordered some Sanguinary Guard bits (from Bitz Box – excellent supplier). Among other things there’s an open, empty hand. Perfect for the Librarian pictured here. I twisted the arm slightly, so that the position of the elbow looks natural.

And here’s Saint Celestine with plastic wings. I did a test run with the Sanguinor’s wings, but the composition with these is much bettter.

All in all, a productive night! What do you think?


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